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Tear Trough Filler

Blue Eye on Grey Background

Tear troughs are the name given to the dark circles under the eyes which run from the nose side of each eye in an arc under the lower eyelid. Most patients say they look ‘tired' when they have tear troughs. Troughs are caused by loss of volume in the tissue under the eye and above the cheek. The trough is a deep valley in the skin. Light normally comes from above us - room lights or the Sun - and so the floor of this valley is thrown into shadow, making it appear darker and more prominent. It can be difficult to disguise tear troughs with make up for this reason.

At pHskin your practitioner will use a cannula to deliver the filler into the area to be treated. The cannula technique means there is less chance of disturbing sensitive structures around the eye area. By using the cannula technique fewer puncture marks are made which means less swelling and bruising following treatment. The result is a younger looking, fresher eye area - most patients say their friends say they look less tired and more youthful.

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