Lines and Wrinkles

Woman wrinkled forehead.png

Wrinkle free? - It's a matter of taste

Well perhaps getting rid of all our wrinkles is not really what we want, or even possible. Some wrinkles actually can look attractive, such as when some people screw up their nose and create those cute little bunny lines. Well, we think bunny lines are attractive but it's all a matter of taste; and individual taste, or preference, is what it's all about here at pHskin. 

During your consultation our aesthetic nurse will listen to what YOU want to achieve on your aesthetic journey. All consultations at pHskin are strictly confidential with your dignity and safety being paramount.  You will be required to answer questions about your medical background and feelings about your appearance.  Our aesthetic nurse will take into consideration all relevant factors and after consideration, may offer you treatments such as:- 

Dermal Fillers
Chemical peels and facials
LED Light Therapy