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Why I chose Plasma

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

On learning that the fourth state of matter (Plasma) can be used to tighten skin and remove benign lesions, my nerdy side was alerted to this relatively new medical aesthetic practice and demanded to know more.

What is Plasma?

Ah just what the nerd in me was asking and the answer didn’t disappoint. Plasma is not a solid or a liquid or a gas, it has no defined shape or volume when not contained. Plasma is the stuff lightning and the sun is made of and can be found in neon lights. In fact plasma is the most abundant state that elements are present in within the universe. Plasma is created by ionising particles in the air between the tip of the plasma device and the skin. Skin being a solid is sublimated (the turning of a solid straight into gas bypassing the liquid stage) which results in contraction and tightening of excess flesh. Good, so with my nerdy side satisfied (for now) I then wanted to know, does it actually do what it says on the tin, i.e. give a non surgical eyelid lift which was the thing everyone was shouting about from the rooftops to be the best cosmetic treatment with plasma.

Non Surgical Eyelid Lift Using Plasma.

OK so doing the usual Google search and thumbing through various medical aesthetic journals, I came across quite a few before and after images of non surgical eyelid lifts using plasma. All were very impressive and appeared to give fantastic results especially after the third treatment. However, I’m not easily swayed by random images found on the internet and decided this warranted further investigation. The only course of action I could see to satisfy my desire, and to be completely sure this treatment is not just a fad, was to see it in action. I was invited along to a few demos and when I saw this technology in the flesh (pardon the pun) I was bowled over. Hooded, droopy eyelids were being tightened before my very eyes and the recipients of the treatment delighted in their new youthful appearance. Oh I want it I thought, I want to be able to offer this non surgical solution to a problem I had been asked about for years and the only advice I could offer was to go and see a plastic surgeon for a blepharoplasty, knowing all along that this would come at a hefty price both financially and physically.

So I bought one. I’ve had the plasma device now for a few months and can honestly say performing non surgical eyelid lifts with this device is fast becoming one of my favourite treatments. It gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction when patients are delighted with their new youthful looking eyes and knowing that the effects will last years or permanently. I can’t foresee another option coming soon to replace plasma treatment. I’m sure plasma, sometimes known as soft surgery, will soon become the gold standard to lifting the delicate eyelid area.

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