Before your appointment

You can make an appointment at pHskin Cosmetic Clinic either by phone 07791983895 or online. (N.B. we are not taking appointments at the moment. Visit our  Post lock-down waiting list page.


Once we have your details our Aesthetic Nurse Pauline will ring you. She will ask you a few questions about your propsed treatment and your general health. We do this to ensure there are no underlying concerns that would mean a greater risk to yourself during the Covid_19 pandemic.


Pauline will let you know during your phone conversation if your appointment can go ahead or not. N.B. If it's not suitable to treat you at this time, you will receive a full refund for any deposits, etc, paid.


We will email your consent forms and pre-appointment wellness screening checklist prior to your visit. If you are not able to print off these forms, and complete prior to your visit, we will be asking you to complete these before entering the treatment rooms.


Only one visitor will be allowed at any one time in the clinic. There will be no waiting facilities and we will not be offering any refreshments. You may wish to bring your own drink.


A thorough deep clean of treatment rooms will take place between each patient plus toilet facilities. This means our appointments will be extremely limited.

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