At your appointment

On entering the clinic you will be required to sanitise your hands, done PPE (a surgical face-mask and shoe protectors), then sanitise your hands again. You will need to keep this PPE on throughout your visit. You will also be required to complete a wellness screening checklist and have a temperature check before entering the treatment rooms.


We will aim to keep the contact time (time spent within 2 metres) to a minimum. Any “drawing up” and preparations of medications will still take place in your presence. As usual, we encourage you to ask to see your name on any prescribed medications.


To keep the treatment rooms well ventilated, there will always be a window open. You may wish to bring a warm sweater with you, especially during colder spells.


Toilet facilities will still be available, but we do kindly ask you to try and time your visit when you will not be needing to use these. If you do use the toilet facilities, we kindly ask you to follow the hand washing routine on the poster just above the wash hand basin

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