Pauline's The Perfect Peel diary (Days 1 - 6)

Day 1 Well, just applied The Perfect Peel. I was a bit apprehensive, never having had a peel before, let alone a medium to deep one. The worst part for me was prepping the skin with acetone; the fumes went straight up my nose but only lasted a few seconds. The peel was then applied and I felt a burning sensation, that honestly I thought would have been worse, but it subsided very quickly, in a matter of seconds. My skin felt tingly and tight and looked like I had sunburn. I decided not to wash my face the first night as I didn’t think the tingling and tightness felt that bad. The only thing I did was to wipe my skin with one of the retinol wipes supplied in the homecare kit and this started the tingling off again.



Day 2 No peeling yet, just a red face that feels tight and a little tingly. Just used a little tepid water to wash my face this morning before hopping in the shower. I visited my niece in the afternoon; it was a beautiful sunny day so I wore a huge brimmed hat and kept the sun visa down. My niece kindly pointed out how red my face was but that I looked glowing…..literally! Before going to bed I washed my face using a mild soap and vigorously scrubbed the second retinol wipe into my skin.



Day 3 Woke up to a small scaly peeling patch of skin on my chin, nothing to bad or gross though. Washed my face with a mild soap before showering but didn’t want to wash my hair and get shampoo all over my face, so I just used some dry shampoo instead. As the day progressed the peeling spread and started either side of my nose aswell. I used the Vitamin C cream that came in the homecare pack, just on the bits that were peeling. Didn’t need much of the cream, just a tiny amount at a time. I made sure the cream was on my beside table!



Day 4 Lots of peeling on my chin this morning and either side of my nose. Needed to run an errand in the afternoon but made sure the people who I would be seeing knew what was happening to my face, they seemed to be OK with it. Late afternoon and finding it hard to stop myself picking at my face, the urge is tremendous. The peeling has spread throughout the day and it is now on all parts of my face. Cut off the loose hanging skin with scissors tonight then applied more of the Vit C cream. Day 5 tomorrow and hopefully the peeling will be subsiding.



Day 5 Calmness is restored after yesterdays mammoth peeling. The peeling was just around the edges today, i.e. hairline and jaw line. Have been using the Vit C cream and some Heliocare SPF 50 gel to protect the new skin and I can’t stop feeling my face, my skin feels so soft and silky and it’s only day 5! I'm sure the freckles on my forehead and nose have faded but need to do a before and after to see how much. Hope tomorrow all the peeling has gone completely!



Day 6 Finished peeling now. Really, really pleased with the result. Has helped with the freckles on my forehead and nose. My skin feels soft, fresh and rejuvenated, and the results will continue to improve over the next few weeks. Oh yes, and have noticed a superficial line on the day 1 photo, glabella (between the eyebrows), which I cant see now on the day 6 photo. Will start back on my normal skin care regime tomorrow. Absolutely delighted, has exceeded my expectations!

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