• Lunch Time Peel

Lunch Time Peel


by pHskin, 4 Victoria Sq, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 4JH



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Whether you are looking for a quick skin “pick me up” before a big event, or treatment for a skin concern, our Lunch Time Peel aims to deliver.

With its combination of alpha hydroxy acids this peel helps to improve texture and tone by providing both epidermal exfoliation and renewal. Accelerated exfoliation of existing skin surface pigmentation creates a more even skin tone while a unique brightening complex works to help prevent the formation of new pigmentation. Anti-irritants and antioxidants aid in reducing the appearance of redness, minimising skin irritation.

The perfect “lunch time” peel with no downtime.

By adding one of the “Signature Facials” you will be giving your skin an extra special treat as active ingredients can penetrate further into the dermal layers.

This advanced peel solution is gentle enough for all skin types.

Once you have purchased your lunch time peel please get in touch so we can arrange a time for your treatment. Tel/Text 07791 983895