Could anti-wrinkle injections help with acne?

It’s a well known fact that sebum production (oily skin) and acne go hand in hand. Sebum can become the bane of an acne sufferer’s life. Yes there are good effective treatments to be had but these usually mean time and effort on behalf of the acne sufferer by following strict skin care regimes or months taking antibiotics, and worse still, suffering unwanted side effects of systemic retinoid treatments.

The burning question is then; does a new study (1) that reports decreased sebum production around the site of Botox injections give a quick fix to excessive sebum production and in turn cure acne? “WOW YEAH”, I hear you all shout in unison “where do I sign”? But hold your horses; the same study also reports an increase in sebum production in surrounding skin away from the injection site.

So as for now the juries out on this one. Obviously more research is needed to find out if Botox injections can help acne sufferers, or would we just be moving the problem to other areas of the skin? Either way Botox is still our number one treatment for wrinkles.



1. Sebum Production Alteration after Botulinum Toxin Type A Injections for the Treatment of Forehead Rhytides: A Prospective Randomized Double-Blind Dose-Comparative Clinical Investigation Peiru Min, Wenjing Xi, Luca Grassetti, Aurelia Trisliana Perdanasari, Matteo Torresetti, Shaoqing Feng, Weijie Su, Zheming Pu, YanZhang, Sheng Han, Yi Xin Zhang, Giovanni Di Benedetto, Davide LazzeriDOI: First published online: 30 March 2015


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