Cliniccare Enzyme Peel

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Cliniccare Enzyme Peeling Systems

The Gentle Alternative to Chemical Skin Peels

Our enzyme peeling systems are a gentler alternative to harsh chemical peels. Your skin will be left feeling fresh and revived as dead skin cells are removed instantly from your skin.

All our Enzyme Peeling Systems use scientifically formulated skin care products. The Cliniccare Starter Enzyme Peel uses natural skin care products and is ideal for those with sensitive skin or as a treat before an event.

Our Cliniccare Bespoke Enzyme Peel can be used to treat specific skin concerns. By combining potent ingredients to help penetrate dermal layers, and Cliniccare's EGF treatment masks, the Cliniccare Bespoke Enzyme Peel treats specific skin concerns such as pigmentation and wrinkles.  You can choose from 3 treatment masks; GLOW that will help with pigmentation and fine wrinkles; PURE that will sooth and hydrate troubled skin; and REFRESH/TIGHT that will give an intense lifting and anti-wrinkle effect. 



      Cliniccare - Starter       Enzyme Peeling System

Cleanse (amalian Beautifying Cleansing Milk) 

Peel (Cliniccare Enzyme Peel)

Tone (amalian Energizing Tonic Water)

Hydrate (amalian High Potency Fluid)

 30 minutes

 Cliniccare - Bespoke Enzyme Peeling System

Cleanse (Exfoliating Cleanser)

Peel (Cliniccare Enzyme Peel)

Treat (Cliniccare EGF Mask - Choose from Glow, Pure, Refresh/Tight)

Defend (Antioxidant Serum)

Protect (Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30)

 45 minutes



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