The amailian® skin care range is composed of natural ingredients including a deep acting hyaluronic acid.

pHskin offers the amalian® skin care range to clients wishing to maintain their skin health using a more natural based treatment not readily found in other skin care products.

amalian® skin care has unique characteristics based on a novel formula with an innovative complex of lecithin and hyaluronic acid. The phospholipids of the lecithin serve as a gliding aid to carry the hyaluronic acid to deeper skin layers, where the biological activity of hyaluronic acid can take effect: high moisture binding capacity, stimulation of endogenous collagen, binding of harmful free radicals, and stimulation of wound healing.

amalian® skin care products do not contain any allergic components such as parabens or artificial fragrances and are exclusively made of natural ingredients. Therefore, the amalian® skin care range is suitable for highly sensitive, allergy prone skin. Due to the high efficiency, amalian® skin care products can be applied sparingly.

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